My Story

Hi, I Am Tumusiime Precious

8years old
In the heart of Gulu, Uganda, a resilient 8-year-old girl named Tumusiime Precious lives with her family. Gulu, once affected by the haunting echoes of conflict, has left indelible scars on the community. In the midst of the shadows of the past, Precious stands as a beacon of hope, her spirit unbroken despite the adversities she faces. Precious, however, carries a battle of her own. She grapples with sickle cell disease, a condition that demands resilience and strength beyond her years. Her unwavering determination shines through the pain and fatigue. Her family, like many in Gulu, faces unimaginable challenges, both economic and emotional. Yet, Precious’s dreams are as vibrant as the colors of the Ugandan sunset. In the midst of adversity, Precious dreams of becoming a doctor. Her aspiration is rooted in a profound belief in the power of healing. She yearns to serve her war-torn community and bring relief to those who have suffered for far too long. She understands that the path to realizing her dream lies in education, and she is determined to tread that path with unwavering dedication. Sponsoring Precious is not just an investment in the dreams of one determined girl; it’s an investment in the healing of a community scarred by the ravages of conflict and sickness. Your support can empower her to access quality education, providing her with the tools and knowledge she needs to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. Sponsoring Precious would not only empower her to access quality education but would also provide her with the opportunity to heal her community in the future. Your support could be the key to transforming the lives of both Precious and those she’ll touch through her medical career.

Seeking : School fees of $250 per term

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