My Story

Hi, I Am Watsanga Nelson

8years old
In the town of Gulu, Uganda, 8-year-old Watsanga Nelson is a symbol of resilience. He hails from a community that has endured the enduring scars of conflict. The challenges he faces are daunting, with limited family resources and the shadows of past turmoil ever-present. However, within this adversity, Nelson’s spirit shines with an unwavering determination. Nelson’s dream is as bright as the African sun overhead; he aspires to be a scientist. He recognizes that education is the key to unraveling the mysteries of the world and the catalyst for driving positive change. In his heart, he carries the belief that through understanding and knowledge, he can contribute to creating a brighter and more hopeful future for his community and the world at large. By sponsoring Nelson, you invest in his scientific potential and support his quest to make meaningful contributions to society. Your sponsorship becomes the fertile soil in which Nelson’s dreams can take root and flourish. It is a declaration of faith in the enduring power of education and the immense potential within every child, regardless of the circumstances. Together, you and Nelson become agents of change, illuminating the path towards a brighter, more enlightened future.

Seeking : School fees of $250 per term

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