My Story

Hi, I Am Olito Malcom

9years old
In the town of Arua, Uganda, the story of 9-year-old Olito Malcom is one of resilience and unwavering determination. Malcom’s life unfolds in the challenging setting of a refugee settlement, where uncertainty looms large. In the face of these hardships, he carries a battle of his own, bravely confronting sickle cell disease. Yet, Malcom’s spirit remains unbroken, and his dreams continue to soar to remarkable heights. His aspiration is to become a journalist, a storyteller who can weave narratives of courage and hope within his community. Despite the odds, he firmly believes in the power of education and storytelling to serve as a beacon of inspiration to others who face adversity. In his heart, Malcom knows that stories of triumph amid hardship have the potential to ignite hope, sow the seeds of resilience, and bridge the gap between challenges and opportunities. Sponsoring Malcom is more than a gesture of support; it is an investment in his journey to become a beacon of hope. Through your sponsorship, you empower him to share narratives of courage and tenacity, illuminating the path for others who face similar trials. Together, you and Malcom stand as champions of resilience, determined to light the way toward a future where adversity is met with unwavering strength and hope.

Seeking : School fees of $250 per term

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