My Story

Hi, I Am Kizito Junior Fizo

7years old
In the bustling town of Mbale, Uganda, the indomitable spirit of 7-year-old Kizito Junior Fizo shines brightly. While his family grapples with financial constraints, Junior’s dreams are boundless, reaching for the stars. He aspires to become a lawyer, an advocate for justice who champions the cause of fairness and equality. Junior’s belief in the transformative power of education is unwavering. He envisions a world where the scales of justice are balanced, and everyone, regardless of their circumstances, is treated with equity. In his heart, he carries the conviction that education is the key to making this vision a reality. By sponsoring Junior, you become the catalyst that empowers him to stand up for justice, fairness, and positive change. Your support is not just a gesture of financial assistance; it’s a declaration of belief in the potential of a young boy’s dreams and a commitment to the ideals of a more equitable world. Together, you and Junior become advocates for a brighter future, where the principles of justice and equality are upheld and where each child’s dreams can be realized through the transformative power of education. Your sponsorship is a beacon that guides Junior on his journey to inspire positive change, making the world a fairer place for all.

Seeking : School fees of $200 per term

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